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I was a volunteer for National Service (PLKN) because I wasn't the chosen ones at the first place. So mom applied for me and to be honest, yes, I was mad because I was working with Anakku (a baby shop) and the salary is ok to me. 

Whether I like it or not, a letter came to my house on the 17th December 2012, saying that my application is approved and that I will be leaving on the 5th of January to the camp. 3 months in the camp without family. My very first time leaving them for such long period.... Imagine how I feel.

So on the fifth, which is Sunday, I came to report myself. It was..... ugh cause apparently I was the only one wearing formal clothes while others already have their uniforms on. (The office was closed and I couldn't register or anything) So I had to wait until the next morning to get my uniforms, shoes, boots & everything.

The first night went ok, but uncomfortable. Because the mattress is thin...... I made few friends, though.. Syikin, U'uwl, U'ul & A-thin, but neither one of them are my kind of friend. Know why? Because how am I supposed to mix with those who laugh out loud in public? I mean, they're the kind of people who seek for attention..... Cause why'd you laugh so loud and only stop when all the boys notice you? Right? Behave. I admit my friends and I laugh so much too, but we all know our limit & one thing for sure. We don't flirt around. 

Next thing I know when I'm in plkn is I'm having fun and I enjoy myself very much. Even though the classes are boring but whatever we learnt from it are useful. Things like how do we show the best from ourselves, from other people & etc. 

Meeting new people is one of the best things in plkn. You learn how to communicate, tolerate, love, mix around and all that because you'll see their faces from day to night and there be times where we are put together to do activities. There are activities like singing, dancing, expansion, "so called debate" and then you will see those talented & smart people shine. Make sure you pick your jaw after it dropped on the floor!

And the most terrifying thing about plkn is you gotta wake up damn early, putting on the crazy heavy and huge uniform (loreng) and clean your layout before you step out from your dorm. Crazy but discipline. 

So, I'm having CNY break for one week now. That's how I have time to update this blog. Hahahaha. Cause when you're in camp, you barely have time for yourself. 

Gotta go now! Enjoy pics below!

Me in PT shirt (They're for sports)

Me and my Chinese dorm mates! ALPHA THE BEST

Shasha & I. One of my best friends. 

Look at how perfect everything has to be before leaving dorm.

That's all for now. Toodles~

Just to update
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Here I am back on Blog again just to update you guys about something. It happened long time ago but I just don't feel like going on blog (because I can) Ha. So, I am in a relationship. Yes, with the guy I talked about on my previous post.

Maybe God sees me getting butterflies that it hurts, maybe He sees that I've been liking him for so long, maybe He hears my prayers. Hahaha. You know this may sound silly but I did prayed to God so that He will make us one (You know what I mean) or the least that we can be is bestfriend and yes we are both couple and best friend right now.
That is why I kept telling everybody to pray when they need something because Jesus will hear and answer they though it may takes some time.

I can say that I'm happy being with him at the moment despite all of the troubles couples may face in every relationship. He is simply lovely and I truly hope that this relationship won't end because I can't promise if I am able to bear with another broken heart. So, I hope that God will bless our relationship until the very last day our breath.

Lots of love,

I am about to get rich!
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Mwahahahah you actually believed that, don't you?

How I wish it was true.
So, here it is. To your surprise, I was just starting saving money. Yep, it was one of the hardest thing to do because I always spend my money on food and I never success saving them. As in, I always happened to take the money out to buy some stupid stuff like food...... Oh wait, food isn't stupid. Haha.

And I finally know how to save. First, you've got to have a reason to save. For example, you wanna get a new phone, iPhone, iPad, clothes or presents for your friends. Anything will do. But you have to make sure that you really want that something. Or else you'll go "oh I can get that next time". See? That's what I said when I planned to save for something that I don't really need before.
So next, if your parents or whosoever give you money, always remember not to spend them all before you spend it. You know what I mean? Set it in your mind not to spend too much on buying things and don't bother buying unnecessary things like earrings, necklace, or whatever. Get those only when you have party or whatsoever occasions alright? As much as possible, spend your money on only food but try not to be greedy and buy whatever that is delicious and overpriced.
Most importantly, don't follow your friends. If you're from a middle class family (as in not too poor, or not too rich) just don't try to fit in. Be who you are and don't try to be someone who you are not, someone you don't even know. Don't please your friends. They don't promise your heaven. So, like, when they get McD, you get whatever that is cheaper than that. Try to spend less and at the end of the day, you will see that all that you have sacrificed will worth it. I promise.

So, good luck!
Love in Christ

Happy Fathers Day
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Um, I don't really know when is the actual Fathers Day but Happy Fathers Day to my dad and my dad. Lol I mean my biological dad and my foster dad! Thank you thank you thank you for being such an awesome dad and for fulfilling my needs.

I know its hard to earn money and its hard to give. But thank you so much for your loving heart and your willingness to spend your money on us. You guys may be wondering why am I saying things like this. Because for your information, there are dads out there who don't give money to their family and yeah, just ignore 'em like that. Because they don't have that loving heart. Because when we worked so hard for something and then at the end, we had to share the things that we earned so hard with others. Its never easy to give and share them.You know what I mean?

Yeah, and I would like to thank my dads for everything that they have sacrificed for me. Time, cash and all that. Thank you for raising me up until now and thank you so much for your amazing love for me. I know I am not a perfect daughter and I have sinned against you both in so many ways. And yet, you guys forgive me over and over again and keep loving me like there's no tomorrow. (Really? Lol) God bless you both for your kindness alright! I love you both from the bottom of my heart!

So for those out there, appreciate your dad no matter if they are bad or good to you. You can always change things from bad to good with prayers. That's the only way to connect to God because God is only prayers away. And always remember, faith is needed in prayers. You don't expect God to fulfill your needs when you pray only once. Nothing works without faith. Alright? Keep knocking and keep asking and keep believing.

Lots of loves & Happy Fathers Day!
Mel Bong Bong

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